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Congratulations to the Officers for 2019!


Chief – Scot Hall
1st Asst. Chief – Archie Rose
2nd Asst. Chief – Bill Robinson
1st Captain – Neil Bartholoma
2nd Captain – Ron Miller
1st Lieutenant – Tim Chace
2nd Lieutenant –  John Roth
Fire Police Chief – R. Keith Bartholoma

Safety Officer – Bob Zurlo
2nd Safety Officer- Robert Rosenzweig
Accountability Officer – Phil Comini Sr.

President – Sean Knabner
Vice President – Ed Zayicek
Secretary – R. Keith Bartholoma
Treasurer – Bob Zurlo

Posted on 22 March 2015 | 9:59 pm


Acquilera, Chelsie (Probationary)
Adamec, Paul
Alley, Eric
Bartholoma, R. Keith
Bartholoma, Neil
Briggs, Craig
Brownell, Jack
Chace, Tim
Chiarello, Paul (Probationary Member)
Comini, Philip Sr.
Cornell, Brian
Davis, Thomas
Flood, Dylan
Funk, Chris
Hall, Scot
Hayes, Brian
Jennings, Lance
Kelly, Braden (Probationary Member)
Knabner, Sean
Lindsay, Hayden (Probationary Member)
Lindsay, Jr., Robert
Lindsay, Sr., Robert
Miller, Matt
Miller, Ronald
Morey, Darian
Morey, Scott
Morey, Steven
Newton, Jr., Tom
Oare, Steve (Probationary Member)
Phillis, David
Porter, Scott
Preston, Kyle (Probationary)
Ripp, Christopher
Robinson, William
Rose, Archie
Rosenzweig, Robert
Roth, John
Ruzycky, Ben
Sgambato, Cory
Traskos, Thomas
Van Duesen, Charles
Volpe, Frank
Ward, Mark
Wells II, Robert
Westfall, Brian
Zajaceskowski, Rick
Zayicek, Edward
Zurlo, Robert

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